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  • $50 discount on PowerApps MicroJobs
  •  PowerApps Summit Companion Ebook
  •  Your own copy of the Scrum Buddy PowerApp
  •  Beginners Guide to PowerApps Ebook (51 Pages)
  •  25 Time-saving Tips for Teams Ebook (38 Pages)
  •  Beginners Guide to Flow Ebook (100+ Pages)
  •   20% discount on PowerApps Live Class
  •   50% discount on Red Plane Insider Program
  •  Be notified first about the Microsoft Teams Summit!
ALL ACCESS PASS ($1932 Value)
  • Access to the Live Summit Conference
  • Access to all the sessions on-demand
  •  $50 discount on PowerApps MicroJobs
  •  PowerApps Summit Companion Ebook
  •  Your own copy of the Scrum Buddy PowerApp
  •  Beginners Guide To PowerApps Ebook (51 Pages)
  •  25 Time-saving Tips for Teams Ebook (38 Pages)
  •  Beginners Guide To Flow Ebook (100+ Pages)
  •  20% discount on PowerApps Live Class
  •  50% discount on Red Plane Insider Program
  •  Be notified first about the Microsoft Teams Summit!
What's included in the All Access Pass?

Once the event is over we will upload all of the sessions to our Collab365 site and you will be granted exclusive access to them.

The All-Access Pass grants you access to every single session from the PowerApps Virtual Summit, meaning you can watch them as many times as you like! Where applicable, all session slides and samples will also be accessible from the secured site.

As soon as your purchase the all-access pass, we will send you a voucher code giving you a $50 discount on selected PowerApps-related MicroJobs. 

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We're also extremely excited to announce that one of our Freelance Gurus, Matt Schuessler, is giving away his Scrum Buddy PowerApp.

Scrum Buddy allows you to log daily entries and add notes from your daily Scrum stand-ups. 

Features include: Log Daily Standup Feedback, Flag and Review Flagged Entries, see remaining Sprint Count Down, Turn On/Off Notes Fields, developer name search, one Click Flag Removal, bulk List Data Cleanup. 

We will also send you the installation and configuration guide so you can get up and running within 15 minutes. If you need further assistance then Matt offers a MicroJob to help support and / or customise Scrum Buddy.  


We've just received 11 incredible chapters from our Freelancer Flow experts. We're already busy pulling it together into the most informative and latest E-book on Flow there is. We've got it all with chapters on Licensing, Connectors & Connections, Integrating PowerApps with Flow, On-premises data & gateways, Triggers, Actions, Controls, Variables, Approvals, Creating new Flows, Sharing flows (team flows), Troubleshooting Microsoft Flow, Analytics, Flow limitations & FAQs.

This E-book will be emailed to you as soon as it's ready! 

This E-Book is a great read if you are using Microsoft Teams. It is packed full of information around features such as meeting, chat, images, channels along with more hints, tips and general advice.

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If you didn't manage to grab this 51-page Ebook when it was free, then we'll also bundle this into the offer. The book contains sections on :

- Branding
- Formulas and Attributes
- Connecting to external data
- Microsoft Flow integration 
- Usage on Mobile 
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This bundle of two classes will be held live online from June 24-28, 2019, from 10 to 1:45 Central each day. 

Please Note: Laura's live classes usually sell out, and places are on the June class are limited to 30 people. However, we can offer 20% discount on all other training courses with Laura.


Red Plane Insider keeps you up to date with all the latest changes, updates and new features of Office 365, PowerApps, Flow and coming soon Azure. What is the risk to your business of an ever changing platform? How do you guide your support staff as to what's changing so that they can support your end users? Knowledge really is Power. We scour the Roadmaps, blog posts and announcements to bring you a weekly newsletter and Monthly webinar containing all you need to know to stay ahead of the game and your users. This is ideal for Consultants and IT Managers who are expected to know what's going on.


We're already well underway with plans for our Microsoft Teams Summit. As with the PowerApps Summit, the first 250 passes will be FREE! As soon as registration is open we will mail you the link first, increasing your chances of saving the $19 entrance fee.

As with the PowerApps Summit, the Teams Summit will deep-dive into the latest techniques around Microsoft Teams and is all online so you don't have to leave your desk!
PowerApps Virtual Summit Sessions (March 27th)
This event is online and starts at 2pm UTC / 10am EDT / 7am PDT 
Nick Brattoli MVP, Collab365 Community Manager
Introduction to PowerApps
In this session Nick Brattoli introduces the PowerApps Summit and moves on to demonstrate how you can create a Suggestion Voting PowerApp. The App includes a method for users to submit suggestions, functionality to allow users to vote for their favourite along with a method to review which suggestion received the most votes. This process looks at many different aspects of creating a PowerApp, including forms, linking to data held in a SharePoint list, creating and then moving dynamically between PowerApp screens.
Matt Weston, PowerApps Freelancer
The Modern Autograph Book – A PowerApps and Flow story
The session looks at taking photographs and signatures from PowerApps, processing them through Flow, combining them into a Word document using an Azure function and then storing them in SharePoint. Whilst the premise of an autograph book is a bit of a gimmick, the story around the process provides ideas and inspiration to illustrate how you can use PowerApps technology for business purposes by showcasing the art of the possible.
Laura GB, PowerApps & Flow Freelancer
How to build Hangman using PowerApps
In this session, we will build a Hangman game that selects a word and lets the user pick letters and for every wrong answer draws another part of the hangman. Many "learn to code" courses include programming a game to explore different techniques in a fun way. The methods included here include using collections to track activity, using galleries to display a keyboard and correctly selected letters, using SVG to draw the hangman and using a timer to make a loop to set it all up.
Sandy Ussia, PowerApps & Flow Freelancer
Take control of your controls!
Join Sandy in her session where she will take you on a grand tour of all the major PowerApps Controls in the toolbox. This is unmissable if you're just startng out on PowerApps.
Matt Schuessler, PowerApps & SharePoint Freelancer
PowerApps Off the Grid: An Offline Story
Let Matt take you through the “Ins” and “Outs” of the offline capabilities of PowerApps as he walks you through real-world examples in a session that will prepare you for what you need to know.
Laura Rogers, PowerApps Trainer and Freelancer
Mastering PowerApps and Related Lists
Related lists and parent-child forms are a widespread requirement when building business solutions in SharePoint. Are you moving to PowerApps from older legacy technologies like InfoPath and MS Access? With related lists and tables, and SharePoint lookup columns, there are some important details to understand to work with these types of relationships in your apps. In this session, learn how to configure your sub-forms, repeating tables, and cascading drop-downs with SharePoint lists and libraries. Apps that have dashboards of related lists, can even be used as a replacement for old classic connected web parts on a page. With this knowledge, you’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of how to build your own business solutions the right way with PowerApps, and apply these principals in many types of SharePoint scenarios.
Dries Verdonckt, PowerApps Freelancer
PowerApps - the best practices
This action packed session will include:

- using collections for your branding
- how to pass through delegation
- how to overcome delegation with collection methods
- loading icons interaction with ms flow (and maybe some more)
April Dunnam, PowerApps Freelancer
Powering up your Apps with Cognitive Services
If you want to power up your PowerApps with Artificial Intelligence, then this session is for you. Imagine if you could enable functionality for facial and speech recognition, language understanding and emotion detection in your app?
In this session we will: 

- Explore the different Azure Cognitive Services capabilities 
- Demonstrate how you can utilize these features in your PowerApps & Flow solutions
Mark Stokes, PowerApps Freelancer
Building consistent User Interfaces across multiple screens with minimal fuss
In this session I will show you some examples of how to easily create centralised application settings that are available across all of your screens. Using variables and collections to manage your apps means you don’t have to update hundreds of controls each time you make a change. We will also use this method to allow your users easily choose different Themes in your application.
Hugh Wood, PowerApps & Javascript Freelancer
Connect PowerApps to Zapier in a ZAP!
Microsoft Flow can answer a lot of your connectivity needs however, there may be times when you want to use Zapier to connect to other services on the Internet. In this session Hugh, will explain how to create a new connector that allows you to leverage over 1200 applications via the leading integration solution, Zapier!
Grab your All-Access Pass at $49 before the clock runs out. After this, it will cost $99.